Skin Rejuvenation in Richmond Hill

Blue Cosmetic Clinic, Skin Rejuvenation in Richmond Hill

Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Ageing Laser Treatment

Skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive thermal technique that delivers heat into the deeper layers of your skin. The heat destroys outer layers while involving deeper layers in a natural healing process by producing more collagen and tightening the underlying layers.

The blue clinic offers a unique non-invasive thermal technique without bleeding and with precisely controlled temperature deposition. Our FDA-approved laser machine provides the most effective anti-aging treatment without undergoing any plastic surgery to have flawless and youthful skin.

Skin rejuvenation is the ultimate package, with a combination of other treatments, including skin resurfacing, tightening, and pigmentation reduction.

The procedure is about 30-45 min with little to no downtime.

Blue Cosmetic Clinic, Skin Rejuvenation in Richmond Hill

Best candidate

  • The one with fine lines and wrinkles
  • ¬†Acne scars
  • Uneven skin tones
  • Sun damage and age spots

Who is not a good candidate

  • Pregnant
  • Sunburn
  • Taking Accutane for the last 6 months
  • Taking Retin for the last 2 months


  • Avoid exercise, and sauna for the next 2 days.
  • Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol for a week (delays the healing process)
  • Hold off makeup for up to 3 days.
  • Do not apply anti-aging to the whitening products for up to a week.
  • Apply sunscreen
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