Laser Hair Reduction in Richmond Hill

Blue Cosmetic Clinic, Laser Hair Reduction in Richmond Hill

Laser hair removal devices emit beams of light that targets the pigment (melanin) located in the hair follicles. the energy of the beam destroys the hair bulb, on the end of the hair and prevents its ability to re-grow.

Fotona High performance Nd:YAG laser technology have introduced new approached for hair reduction using an innovative system that effectively targets hair follicles with combination of selective and homogenous photothermolysis.

Fotona’s Nd:YAG lasers use revolutionary pulse-control technology and a proprietary three-dimensional treatment pattern to provide safe and effective hair reduction for all skin types. Unlike other wavelengths, only Nd:YAG is safe to use on all skin types. Fotona’s innovative system effectively targets surface treatment areas while leaving surrounding tissues unaffected.
The success of hair reduction treatments depends largely on a patient’s skin and hair type, as well as the skills and treatment insight of the practitioner. Most patients can expect a significant reduction in unwanted hair, and any future hair growth will usually be thinner and lighter, and thus much less pronounced than before.

Why several sessions are needed?

Not all hairs grow at the same pace, therefore multiple sessions are required to complete the hair removal from the treated area.

We recommend 6-8 sessions spaced over 4- 8 weeks.

Blue Cosmetic Clinic, Laser Hair Reduction in Richmond Hill

Who is a good candidate?

Everyone who desire to remove unwanted hair.

Who is not a good candidate?

Individuals with blond, white or fines hair.

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