Scar Reduction in Richmond Hill

Blue Cosmetic Clinic, Scar Reduction in Richmond Hill

Scars are part of the natural healing process. Your body builds tissue to replace damaged skin after surgery, injury or wound. excess tissue can leave a raised line on the site of the injury.

For some, having scar means living with trauma. They start developing feeling of shame, depression and anxiety.

There are different types of scars such as:

Keloid scars:

aggressive healing process, result in a thick raised scar that is much larger than the original injury.

contracture scars:

this scar often develops after a burn. shortening of tissue during the healing process, pulls edge of the damaged area together. As the name suggest a contracture scar causing a tight area of skin.

hypertrophic scars:

is similar to keloid scars however, hypertrophic scars don’t spread into surrounding area.

Acne scars:

are the result of inflammation related to the whitehead or blackhead acne.

At blue clinic we utilized powerful laser technology to treat different type of scars. Our FDA-approved laser devices effectively minimize the appearance of scars.

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