Are you Considering a Body Contouring?



We all have muscles that may be hidden beneath layers of fat. Excessive fat may be as result of a bad diet, inactive lifestyle, lack of sleep, stress and medical interventions. Having a perfect body is everyone’s dream!

For the last several decades many surgeons have introduced new procedures and techniques to sculpt the human body.

in 1924 our first major accomplishment in aesthetic surgery was created by Dr Thorek.  The surgery was performed by a horizontally-oriented incision extended across both flanks (love handle) to remove underneath fat. The patient develops complications such as umbilical necrosis along with a lifetime scar.

A few years later in 1950, when jejunoileal bypass was introduced to the world, it had remarkably great success. During the surgery a portion of bowel was removed and set aside solely for weight-loss. Later, it was recognized that jejunoileal bypass came with many complications and a high fatality rate. Therefore, the procedure was no longer performed due to severe side effects.

Today not everyone is willing to undergo plastic surgery to achieve their desired body. The reason is simple:
It can be very costly, painful, you may experience risk of infection, risk of scaring, an unsatisfactory outcome, recovery downtime and more.

The solution for those who were seeking specific cosmetic goal to shape their body with no down time was a brilliant discovery in scope!! “body sculpting machine”.

While it seems like a “too-good-to-be-true” scenario, but this technology changed the entire plastic surgery world.

TruSculpt Flex is an innovative device that works by stimulating up to 54,000 muscle contractions through the electrodes located in the headpiece. The concept is similar to voluntary contractions during high intensity physical exercise and four sessions of treatment is equivalent to over 100 high intensity workouts at the gym.

Want to get started? At Blue Cosmetic Clinic, our highly skilled team have decades’ worth of experience in aesthetic medicine. We work with every patient one-on-one to ensure their treatment plan will help them meet their aesthetic goals.

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