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Dark Circle Removal: Under-eye

Dark Circle Removal: Under-eye

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Dark circles under the eyes are not always a sign of a medical problem. They can result from genetics, lack of sleep, or aging. The darkness under the eyes may appear as shades of blue, purple, brown, or black, depending on your natural skin color. Although dark circles under the eyes are not a cause for medical concern, most people want to lighten them because they can make them look tired or older than they are.


The treatment will take about 30 minutes and uses a combination of laser therapy and injections.

The injection involves nano-injections of a blend of vitamins and glutathione with hyaluronic acid.

For the laser, we use the Fotona Laser, which ablates the skin with a light full Er beam, removing superficial imperfections and discoloration.

Using fractional light to resurface the skin can produce effects that are perfectly graded to your expectations and offer a degree of control and efficacy that allows for highly precise sculpting of the skin. Treatments can range from light touch-ups to deep resurfacing, ideal for patients seeking significant rejuvenation effects without opting for aggressive procedures.

This treatment is suitable for all skin types and tones, with minimal patient downtime. A series of 3-4 sessions is recommended, with 4-week intervals.


We will provide you with detailed post-care instructions in our office.



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