Stretch mark; treatment and cause

Stretch mark; treatment and cause

When you gain weight very quickly, your skin may not stretch enough to catch up, instead it tears of the dermis. Dermis is the middle layer that helps the skin to keep its shape.

The damage to the dermis will result in collagen and elastin fibre to split, in which scaring or stretch mark begin to form.  Stretch mark may not be a medical concern but they can have profound negative impact on your mental health or self-esteem. Study shows that the most effective laser treatment is a fractional laser. Fotona Fractional Laser creates micro injuries within the skin. During the healing process your body creates new collagen.

Stretch mark can appear anywhere on your body, however the most common areas are where the large amount of fat is stored like abdomen, thigh, breast, upper arms, back, hips, buttock, underarms

Fresh or young stretch marks appeared to be red, pink, or brownish depending on your skin color. This stage usually last between 6-10 months. Over the time, they lose their color and fade to thinner, whitish line. Young stretch marks are easier to treat compare to older one because having pigmentation and redness make it easier for laser to see and target the area.


The main factors in the skin that provide the skin’s strength and flexibility are the two protein such as collagen and elastin. Increasing collagen production and stimulating blood flow help to prevent stretch mark from occurring. Consuming foods that are zinc-rich or high in vitamin A, C, D and taking laser therapy can help suppress stretch mark. Foods that can help boost collagen production including:

• Bone Broth
• Beef
• Chicken
• Fish
• Beans
• Eggs
• Citrus fruits
• Red and green pepper
• Tomatoes
• Nuts


There is no evidence to prove the cream or lotions can vanish the stretch marks. Unfortunately, they are permanent but some treatment can make them less noticeable. At Blue Cosmetic Clinic, after a free consultation our expert team provide you with the right treatment or combination of treatments. Factors that we consider during the consultation include:

• How long you’ve had the stretch mark, the sooner the better. If your stretch marks are still having some color, this is the right time to consider your stretch mark treatment.
• Your skin type, according to Fitzpatrick scale
• Cost
• Expectation, what are your expectation outcome as well as timeline and process expectation
• Location and size of stretch mark

After the consultation we create an individualized treatment plan. Your treatment may include:

• Laser therapy; Study shows that the most effective method for stretch marks is a fractional laser. Fotona Fractional Laser creates micro injuries within the skin. During the healing process your body creates new collagen.
• Skin resurfacing to improve skin tone and texture by taking off the top layer of skin.
• PRP: to repair and regenerate growth. It begins with collecting a small amount of your blood, placing it in centrifuge machine to separate plasma from the red blood cell and reinjected into your skin.
• Microneedling; dermapen uses very fine needles that creates tiny channel in the skin which promote the skin natural healing process. Therefore, new collagen and elastin
• Or combination of above treatments.

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